App Captures Photos for Bills of Lading

The Dimensionalizer is a proprietary system of cameras and software that scans and measures freight.

Target Freight Management Ltl Dimensionalizer
Target Freight Management

The Dimensionalizer from Target Freight Management (TFM) re-classes and attaches photos to Bills of Lading to document the freight’s condition before shipping. Doing so helps shippers eliminate data entry errors and make better use of the dimensional data collected.

The Dimensionalizer is a proprietary system of cameras and software that scans and measures freight. TFM’s patented software uses APIs to seamlessly communicate this information to its transportation management system and to the customer’s ERP. After the shipper’s data has been collected and any frequently-used shipment sizes are identified, TFM uses this profile to get quicker price quoting and renegotiate agreements and discounts on the shipper’s behalf. The Dimensionalizer photographs the freight from 5 angles and attaches those images in the system and to the Bill of Lading.

The Dimensionalizer provides end-to-end integration with records of each shipment before it leaves the shipping dock. It measures and dims the freight and records it all for the paperwork, including the pictures of the freight.

  • There are 5 cameras to capture each shipment from 5 angles.
  • TFM quotes and renegotiates volume-based discounts on the shipper’s behalf.
  • This solution works on pallet and parcel shipments, giving shippers the peace of mind that they’ll accurately know the cost of their freight.