Are You Dynamic?

Dynamic web content may be key to success.

A growing number of people have applied XML to create dynamic Web content to meet their business goals: B2B commerce, online training, knowledge portals, content publishing, and more.

Much more.

According to Forrester Research, B2B will explode into a $1.3 trillion industry by 2003. Forrester's statistics suggest that an enterprise not already positioned to take advantage of the B2B surge might find it difficult to play catch-up.

To stave off the coming avalanche the folks at Chrystal Software created Eclipse, an innovative Web content management solution that transforms static Web pages into dynamic, personalized, platform-independent Web sites.

Built on XML templates, Eclipse offers a multitude of functions: access to repositories, user profile-driven content assembly, and continued real-time update data management and delivery - whether to the Web, CD-ROM, paper, or wireless devices. As a result, application uses for Eclipse are as varied as the list of business requirements are long.

In this 'eWorld,' success is directly linked to delivering a strong Web presence, and Chrystal Software stakes its claim on dynamically personalized sites as being a discriminating key to success.