ADAPTed to Fit

ADAPT offers CRM solution to businesses and vertical industry segments

Irvine, CA  May 21, 2001  Customer relationship management (CRM) is a fairly new buzzword, but its principles are as old as business itself: a happy customer makes for good business. To capitalize on those principles, ADAPT Software Applications Inc. has announced ADAPTation, a program that offers CRM  solutions to meet the requirements of specific small to midsize businesses and vertical industry segments, capitalizing on businesses need to streamline and specialize customer data.

ADAPT offers two different types of ADAPTations: customer specific and industry specific. The customer specific ADAPTations are custom written for individual customers and include upgrades when new versions are released.

The industry-specific customizations of ADAPTation are pre-packaged solutions for vertical markets that address the following needs: data fields, sales processes, order entry, contracts, item attributes, and back-office links.

According to Brian Dunn, ADAPT's CEO, One size does not fit all in the CRM world. Blanket CRM offerings often can't meet the individualized needs of every company and vertical industry segment. The ADAPTation program represents ADAPT's continuing efforts to make available the benefits of customer relationship management to the widest array of small- to medium-sized business organizations.

The ADAPTation program is first being targeted at vertical markets that are characterized by large numbers of small- to medium-sized businesses in service-oriented industries where customer relationships are critical.