RedPrairie Updates Warehouse App

Adds vertical templates for 3PLs serving customers in multiple industries

Waukesha, WI  September 9, 2002  Solution provider RedPrairie has rolled out the latest version of its DLx Warehouse solution, adding enhanced functionality to support distribution, transportation, productivity and performance management requirements for customers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) in a variety of industries.

RedPrairie, formerly McHugh Software International, says its DLx Warehouse/D 6.0 enables 3PLs to serve the varying needs of customers in the consumer goods, food and beverage, high tech, service parts, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The release provides industry functionality through vertical-specific templates, and it includes warehouse, productivity and transportation management components. The solution provider says that for 3PLs requiring a single system to serve the variable distribution requirements of customers across dissimilar industries, this new release can reduce the complexity and cost of operations while enhancing customer service.

"Third party logistics providers face special challenges because their customer base may include companies in multiple verticals, each having unique distribution requirements," said Susan Rider, RedPrairie's sales results leader.

As an example, Rider said that consumer goods and food beverage companies need detailed tracking of catch weights, aging profiles and expiration dates, multiple overlapping holds and other lot control criteria. High tech companies, on the other hand, are more interested in nested serial numbers, kitting and de-kitting services and other assembly or light manufacturing requirements.

"Having one system that can meet all of these needs provides competitive advantage and enables 3PLs to expand their potential client base," Rider asserted. "At the same time, the enhanced integration with other advanced applications within our DigitaLogistix suite provides substantial opportunities for all customers to elevate logistics operations to the enterprise level by breaking down the barriers between functional silos."

DLx Warehouse/D 6.0 includes solutions for real-time labor reporting and productivity management, transportation planning and execution, logistics score-carding and performance measurement, and global supply chain visibility and real-time control. The solution also provides for proactive event management and workflow-based resolution.