New Partnership Aims to Predict Sales, Revenue Based on Weather

Weather is a significant impact in the supply chain, influencing sales and revenue in many ways the industry does not factor in. But a new Logility and Planalytics partnership uses weather data to drive sales.

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Logility announced that it is working with Planalytics to help clients capitalize on sales opportunities during favorable weather by identifying, quantifying and applying weather-driven demand calculations to business planning and forecasting. Planalytics layers in predictive demand metrics to Logility's platform. The supply chain is continuously affected by weather and natural hazards, but climate change impacts in now more than ever. Road blocks and bottlenecks continue dramatically with unfortunate natural disasters occurring throughout the world, tying up product delivery. More data, automation and artificial intelligence, like this partnership, will focus on demand planning and route optimization in regards to weather as we move forward. 

Per Businesswire

  • Logility customers can leverage Planalytics weather-driven demand analytics to factor in the weather’s influence on top line revenue and product/category sales across specific time periods and locations. This provides businesses with demand analytics to plan and optimize operations more effectively, keeping organizations one step ahead of shifting supply and demand trends.
  • Planalytics will integrate directly into the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform®, ultimately increasing forecast accuracy, optimizing inventories and reducing lost sales.