GetSwift, Uber Pool Together Resources

GetSwift Technologies and Uber partner together to offer greater collective services to customers.

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GetSwift Technologies announces that it is working with Uber to develop a partnership that will allow its clients access to Uber's pool of drivers and vehicles. The two will integrate their solutions with data, customer interaction and payments secured by GetSwift while getting to take advantage of Uber's vast resources. Pricing for the new venture is based on a fixed-fee structure. 

Per  Businesswire

  • Furthermore, all delivery fees and pricing will be managed on a fixed-fee structure based on distance and not basket size, enabling GetSwift clients of all sizes and industries to scalably expand and grow in highly competitive verticals.
  • Alongside GetSwift’s fleet management, batching, and product suite, the company believes the overall pricing per delivery will be highly competitive and disruptive. The company further believes that by combining the unique capabilities and key offerings of both organizations, that this combination is the start of something truly unique. 

"I am pleased to announce today the start of the Uber-GetSwift partnership. It has taken us a lot of work to arrive at this point, and still lots more remain ahead of us. With that said, we believe that this is going to be an important initiative and offer an incredible blend of products and services that are not only expected to meet current customer demands, but also those that are yet to emerge in this evolving global ecosystem. We expect to have a soft launch before the end of 2021 and then starting in 2022, we expect to be focused on jointly deploying and operating in the regions noted, as well as potentially expanding this model as we evaluate applicability in other regions. With GetSwift’s unique model and product suite, Uber is the perfect partner for us. We look forward to making a positive and long-lasting impact with the customers and communities we serve," said GetSwift’s CEO Bane Hunter