Camelot ITLab Joins SAP's Initiative to Boost Blockchain and IoT

SAP's new Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program offers customers the opportunity to identify, discover and implement applications to capture various events in blockchain.

blockchain bicycle chains

Camelot ITLab, a digital front runner and long-standing expert in blockchain technology, will play an import role in the success of SAP's new Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program, which offers customers the opportunity to identify, discover and implement applications to capture various events in blockchain—from the design and development of products to production and logistics, up to product tracking. 

With many proven blockchain use cases such as sensor-driven track and trace, patient healthcare-management and a transport marketplace, the Camelot Digital Workbench provides the needed capabilities and best practices to guide customers and lead blockchain initiatives to success. Camelot will enables customers to better understand blockchain use cases, barriers and best practices representing different parts of the value chain, with a focus on product and supply chain lifecycle. After the enablement, the collaboration on features and specific use cases plays an essential role, including the combination with IoT. Finally, the evaluation and validation of real customer use cases helps to optimize the transformation process.  

With this approach companies can jumpstart with blockchain in a very short time and without heavy investment. Furthermore, members of this program can actively influence the project and solution according to their requirements to optimize their benefits. Especially being actively involved in the blockchain network with SAP, partners and other customers helps to accelerate time to market and to benefit from best practices by adopting them to their needs.  

“We are delighted to actively contribute to the success of this initiative. With our holistic digital capabilities and various blockchain use cases, we are the right partner to help customers to identify and evaluate the potential of digital technologies,” says Steffen Joswig, managing partner at Camelot ITLab. “The blockchain technology is disrupting common ways to design and build applications. It is now time to identify and make use of unexploited areas of potential. “

The SAP Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program is focusing on use cases for topics such as parcel tracking and serialization, anti-counterfeiting, connected vehicles, machine sensors data, document and files security, smart grid, and distributed manufacturing.