Orchestro Launches V8

Cloud application helps improve on-shelf availability

McLean, Va.June 4, 2013—Consumer products data platform provider Orchestro launched Version 8 of its cloud-native enterprise DSR, which features Orchestro Insights and the ShelfSense on-shelf availability solution.

Orchestro attacks the problem of stocked shelves by enabling three-way collaboration at the shelf between the consumer, retailer and manufacturer. With version 8, consumer goods companies gain added visibility from thousands of synchronized data points to identify what’s truly happening across SKUs, categories, retailers and promotions.

“Every consumer brand worries about how many thousands—or even millions—of dollars they're leaving on the table in lost sales opportunities,” said Dave Shuman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products at Orchestro. “ShelfSense and the innovations of V8 create crystal-clear understanding of consumer demand—allowing shared visibility and collaborative problem solving between retailers and brand teams. That’s what the industry needs most—wins for manufacturers, retailers and ultimately the consumer.”

ShelfSense monitors and assesses the events affecting on-shelf availability with learning algorithms tuned to category-specific dynamics. It allows retail and brand teams to accurately:

  • Interpret patterns and the ‘white space’ in data, in near real-time to discern what’s a shift in consumer behavior or an issue requiring intervention
  • Diagnose the root problem amongst countless possibilities
  • Work against every challenge from isolated problems to systemic issues with assortment or fulfillment
  • Initiate the right corrective action through embedded workflows, targeting the areas of greatest potential impact

Orchestro V8 features key innovations:

  • Big Data Context and Aggregation: Orchestro's Harmonizer takes automated aggregation beyond simple data integration to add essential context to match data points to appropriate categories and SKUs.
  • Adaptive Analytics: Underpinning V8, Orchestro's patent-pending Maestro Science Engine calculates the value drivers for consumer goods companies through more accurate reporting and application workflow.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Orchestro Insights are packaged in out-of-the-box reports with strong visualization and user-defined parameters to quickly drive business impact. These include a wide variety of role-based perspectives and can be customized to reflect user and category needs.
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