SYSPRO 7 Available for General Market Release in April 2013

New solution provides new mobile, user interface controls, speed and memory enhancement capabilities

BostonDec. 3, 2012—Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider SYSPRO announced today that SYSPRO 7 will be available for general market release in April 2013. SYSPRO 7 is a new version of the company’s already highly acclaimed enterprise solution in use by around 15,000 small- and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies across the world. The new solution is currently in “community release” to SYSPRO resellers and partners.  

SYSPRO, as a privately-held company with 100 percent of our focus on satisfying our customer and reseller community—versus the investment community—is in the enviable market position of being able to innovate and deliver the market’s very best ERP solutions, such as SYPSRO 7,” explained Brian Stein, Chief Executive Officer of SYSPRO USA. “Our priorities and people are 100 percent about achieving customer satisfaction and delivering a high quality solution at a high-return price point. We have deep understanding of the priorities and needs of the small and mid-sized manufacturer and distributor—we’ve lived alongside of them for three decades. SYSPRO knows what it takes to survive and thrive and our newest products continually reflect the changing times.”

SYSPRO 7 offers new mobile, user interface controls, speed and memory enhancement capabilities. Leveraging the company’s award-winning flexibility and customization capabilities delivered previously for user roles in Release 6.1, SYSPRO now expands its powerful user interface (UI) capabilities to support large-scale customization planned for businesses on an industry-wide or enterprise-wide basis. The company is also simplifying the screen headings (also known as the ribbon bar) and providing movie-stylized tutorials to provide fast adoption for new operators.

“For years, one of the strongest recurring statements by our customers has been that SYSPRO solutions seem like they’ve been purpose-built for each customer,” said Stein. “With the new Version 7 capabilities, companies will now be able to gain even more productivity improvements by repopulating specific screens for widest-possible employee use. We are always looking to help our customers achieve the very best bottom line results possible using our system.”

New task panels, flow graphs and charts have been streamlined, and popular tile formats are actively combined with methods for more easily finding programs, lists and other user-enhancing features. Also offered is a 64-bit option that provides powerful processing for “big data” reporting and analytic needs and higher transactional throughput. However, company officials firmly state that SYSPRO remains committed to highly streamlined, fast-deploy methodology.

“Our installation methodology is markedly superior than those offered by our competitors,” said Stein. “It has been recognized, and in some instances copied, throughout the ERP solutions world.”

Accordingly, SYSPRO 7, with its Microsoft .NET foundation, will utilize fast Web installation methodology and automated system identification components that will provide consistency from one generation of SYSPRO to the next. SYSPRO 7 can run side by side with the prior SYSPRO 6.1 solution and self-install pre-requisite items and provide seamless data conversion. The solution is offered via a hosted or private cloud model, as well as on premise.