FusionOps Launches Sales Analytics and iPad App

Digital app extends pre-built supply chain analytics and provides best-practice dashboards and reports

Sunnyvale, Calif.Sept. 19, 2012FusionOps, a provider of self-service, best-practice, pre-built analytics for the supply chain, launched a significant extension of its cloud-based platform. Two major new features, comprehensive dashboards and reports for sales, and the FusionOps iPad app, are now available.

“These new capabilities are very exciting,” said Gary Meyers, Chief Executive Officer of FusionOps. “Supply chain management will now have a real-time view into their customers’ bookings, shipment, credit, profitability, accounts receivable and inventory information contained within their company’s ERP system. The solution is also beneficial to sales executives who can now have access to up-to-date data on their company’s recognized bookings and revenue, all from their browser or iPad, ensuring that their orders are booked and their bookings have shipped. Inventory data can help focus salespeople on maximizing company success.”

The new sales area contains over 70 new out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. Bookings reports include orders by product, by salesperson and by region. Shipment reports provide instant visibility into deliveries on time to customer request date, shipments in full, shipments on time and in full (OTIF) and sales performance compared to established sales targets. Inventory reports include inventory coverage for orders due over the next few days and week. Customer service dashboards report on customer satisfaction by salesperson and returned quantity by customer service rep. Data for the dashboards is extracted directly from the corporate enterprise system and is automatically kept up to date as new orders and shipments are processed.

These new sales analytics add to the hundreds of FusionOps pre-built supply chain analytics in procurement, order fulfillment, production planning, MRP and supplier performance. The FusionOps app for iPad provides mobile users access to all FusionOps reports and dashboards, including the new sales metrics, delivering complete visibility across the supply chain.

“We’re pleased to add mobile capability and a comprehensive sales analytics area to our cloud-based analytics solution,” said David Hamdani, Senior Product Marketing Manager at FusionOps. “These new reports were developed to answer questions we hear from our customers every day: ‘Have we reached our revenue goal for the quarter? Are our customers’ orders booked in our SAP system? How are our salespeople performing? Do we have enough inventory to meet our customers’ orders, or will we have to table them as backlog? How much backlog are we averaging? What are our receivables by customer for the current quarter? FusionOps answers these and nearly any other sales question with our affordable, easy-to-use solution.”

FusionOps is available immediately as a Software as a Service subscription, starting at $2,000 per month for up to 50 users.