Barcoding and Marlin Steel Introduce RFID-Tagged Steel Fabrications

Baltimore companies collaborate to offer solution to automate inventory tracking for materials handling industry

BaltimoreSept. 19, 2012—National systems integrator and enterprise-wide mobility solutions provider Barcoding Inc. and Marlin Steel Wire Products, a manufacturer of custom wire baskets and sheet metal products, now provide their RFID-tagged steel fabrications to automate inventory tracking and protect high value items throughout the materials handling process. As a result of the Baltimore-based companies’ collaboration, Marlin Steel’s clients now have the option of adding radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to any steel product order, including wire steel baskets, sheet metal fabrications and wire forms.

Barcoding’s expertise in mobile technology and systems integration perfectly complements our line of steel materials handling products,” said Drew Greenblatt, President, Marlin Steel Wire Products. “By partnering with Barcoding—another reputable Baltimore company – Marlin Steel is able to offer the added value of automated inventory tracking to our clients. We anticipate a global launch, and expect this solution to positively impact conventional materials handling processes.”

Marlin Steel and Barcoding’s RFID-tagged materials handling baskets are ideal for clients in the industrial, aerospace, automotive and medical/pharmaceutical industries who are looking to better manage their inventory while protecting delicate materials throughout their processes.

RFID-tagged baskets allow users to track high value items throughout the materials handling process –their creation, movement in and out of the basket, and deployment into separate portions of the materials requirement plan – for total inventory visibility. The automation provided by RFID eliminates the need for time-consuming manual inventory tracking, thus reducing human error, decreasing scrap and lowering costs.

“Today’s best-in-class companies are always seeking new ways to leverage technology to operate more efficiently, and ultimately, be more profitable,” said Jay Steinmetz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Barcoding, Inc. “By combining RFID tags with Marlin Steel’s steel fabrications, clients can receive a solution that gives them complete knowledge of their inventory and the assurance that their materials are handled safely.”