Latest Version of EmcienMix Now Available

Emcien delivers richer insight into customer buying patterns

AtlantaJuly 11, 2012—Pattern-based analytics solutions provider Emcien Corp. released its latest version of EmcienMix, an analytics solution that identifies connections hidden in product sales-related ‘big data’ to deliver visibility into customer buying patterns. These insights are leveraged across the enterprise to align resources for optimal return on investment (ROI).

“Product mix is the single biggest driver of material cost, inventory and sales velocity,” said Radhika Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer, Emcien Corp. “EmcienMix delivers demand sensing and mix optimization to manage this complexity. The solution automatically analyzes product data—along with sales, revenue and cost information—to identify significant customer buying patterns, revealing exactly which choices customers are actually buying, highly popular feature combinations by segment and then optimizing the product mix to satisfy the demand most profitably. This latest version provides for improved tracking, monitoring, reporting and forecasting.”

The latest version of EmcienMix offers such user improvements as:

  • Trend Comparison and Analysis—Provides users with clear visualization of how customers are actually buying the products and features, with customizable views by region, brand, product line and more for “What-If” scenarios. It also allows users to slice by specific product features and compare buying trends.
  • Dynamic Dashboard—Delivers charts and graphs with a new interactive user interface for easier navigation.
  • Meeting-Ready Printing Capabilities—Simplifies chart and data presentations at meetings with enhanced print-ready report layout.
  • Package-Performance Review/Product-Line Metrics Analysis—Monitors performance trends of new product bundles or configurations to determine high sellers vs. low sellers for improving forecast accuracy.


“There’s nothing out there that goes to the depth that Emcien does,” said Jacky Williamson, Pricing, Product Structure and Target Costing Manager, Ditch Witch Inc. “When it comes to delivering insight into complex multidimensional data across silos, nothing holds a candle to Emcien. With Emcien optimizing our product options and standardizing what our customers want, we anticipate that our gross profit will increase by one percent.”