IBS Launches Enterprise Vertical Leadership Program

Customer-focused realignment continues announcement of enterprise vertical leadership program for industry-leading companies

Stockholm, Sweden—Nov. 14, 2011—International Business Systems (IBS), a an integrated ERP and supply chain provider, launched its Enterprise Vertical Leadership Program (EVLP) to provide industry-leading companies with direct input into IBS product development cycles.

The program provides customers with influence into product developments with much faster time to market. Customers share in the development costs, with the objective being to create and install a standard version of the vertical solution for council members. The time and cost of upgrading for companies using standard solutions are much reduced, thus enabling them to deploy more readily the next generation of IBS products.

Rexel, one of the largest electrical suppliers in Europe is the first member of this program, and as the program’s anchor customer for the electrical goods vertical, Rexel’s CIO, Olivier Baldassari, becomes council chairman.

“This program provides Rexel with a direct line into the product development cycles which allows for much faster deployment and response to market demands, product prioritization, more dedicated functionality for less cost and gives us the ability to make certain functionalities standard,” said Baldassari.

As a part of the company’s commitment to a customer-focused realignment, the EVLP is designed for industry leaders in verticals with global footprints. Vertical solutions developed through the program will be marketed through the IBS partner and direct sales channel.

“Our customers will work with a dedicated core product development team well versed in each industry with a strong product and program management who will drive the vertical development and its rollout with development and deployment resources,” said Pallab Chatterjee, chairman of the board of IBS.  “With two- to three-year global roadmaps established for each customer and a stringent quality process, members of the council are guaranteed the ability to drive enhancements and have direct input into release plans for their solution”.

The announcement of the EVLP formalizes how IBS has already been working with top companies in key industries to co-develop functionality, enhancements and solutions specific to their industries, including Cramo in the rental vertical and PaperLinx in the paper vertical.

For more information, contact www.ibs.net.