Pitney Bowes Releases New Package Management Software

PM3000 intended for use in small to midsize warehouses

PM3000 intended for use in small to midsize warehouses

Stamford, CT — February 9, 2005 — Pitney Bowes today introduced a new PC-based addition to the company's suite of high-end package management products, targeting small to midsize warehouse shipping customers while offering comparable efficiency and technology support.

The Web-based Package Manager PM3000 automates all shipping processes from start to finish, Pitney Bowes said. It has browser capabilities for both warehouse and back-office use and helps users select the best carriers and services to save money on shipping, and, according to Pitney Bowes, it rates, ships and tracks parcels, express packages and letters from a user's desktop.

"Its configurable business rules allow users to designate preferred carriers for any customer, automatically generate special documentation or apply special instructions as needed," the company said in announcing the new product.

PM3000 includes the most recent version of Pitney Bowes' rate-shopping feature, which compares multi-carrier service options and rates. Customers also can purchase USPS Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) to verify whether addresses are classified as residential or business.

In addition, PM3000 provides consolidated reporting, which generates a variety of customer-defined reports containing order and shipment data. Its customizable Web-based interface allows users to configure the shipping screen to include desired fields.

The program lets users manage address preparation and shipping requests to ensure each shipment has the correct documentation. Users also can view shipment status updates online to help improve customer-response time. "PM3000 improves cash flow by providing real-time information to a host system so invoices can be immediately generated," Pitney Bowes said.

The program also stores all shipping transactions in one place, which allows any user to check the status of shipments and gives accounting departments a timelier and accurate view of shipping costs, according to the company.

PM3000's integration options are available to host systems, including batch, XML, ODBC and XML Round Trip.

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