Walmart Launches Drone Delivery

Walmart works on the launch of a drone delivery program through multi-site operations.

Drone Up Drone Airport Hubs Walmart

Drone delivery becomes one step closer to a reality for consumers, as Walmart launches a multi-site operation in Arkansas. The program will allow for same-day delivery within 30 minutes. Walmart partnered with DroneUp for the program, which consumers can use by shopping online at Walmart is also the first to use Twitter's new shoppable streaming feature with Jason Derulo. Many retailers are tapping modern and unique methods of operation today, reshaping supply chains and the retail industry. Walmart taking on these strategies gives them a leg up to be more mainstream. 

Per PR Newswire

  • Eligible customers in Farmington, AR can begin placing orders today at The additional locations at Walmart Neighborhood Market #5837 in Rogers, AR and Walmart Supercenter #100 in Bentonville, AR, are planned to open in the coming months.
  • Walmart is well-positioned to be the drone delivery leader as it already has significant infrastructure in place to serve the public – more than 4,700 stores stocked with 120,000 of the most purchased items, located within 10 miles of over 90 percent of the U.S. population. Similarly, DroneUp's airport "Hubs" house convenient on-site operations where FAA certified flight engineers can conduct multiple and simultaneous deliveries.