Healthcare Logistics Turns Futuristic with Drone Blood Delivery

The current pandemic exposes many gaps in the healthcare supply chain, leading many to look for innovative solutions. Wingcopter undergoes drone delivery testing for blood samples to help this.

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Wingcopter completes a successful test transport of blood samples in Germany via drone delivery, speeding up important healthcare drop offs in rural areas. Without technologies such as this, life saving deliveries can be difficult in rural areas, making innovative projects like this so timely. The journey for the Wingcopter drone was roughly 16 miles, or 26 kilometers, in just 18 minutes with a pneumatic tube including 250 grams of blood samples in tow. 

Per Wingcopter

  • The flights were carried out by Greifswald University Medical Center in cooperation with DRF Luftrettung and Wingcopter as part of the MV|LIFE|DRONE Challenge project of the hospital's Department of Anesthesiology.
  • The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and intends to improve structures of regional emergency care by integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS) into the rescue chain and emergency medical transports.

"With this project, we have demonstrated that we can also improve medical care and quality of life in rural areas in Germany. With our new unmanned aerial vehicle, the Wingcopter 198, this can be carried out even more efficiently in the future," says Ansgar Kadura, co-founder and CSO of Wingcopter, "We look forward to continued collaboration with the project team at the Department of Anesthesiology as part of the MV|LIFE|DRONE Challenge and beyond."