ECI Launches New B2B E-Commerce Interface

ECI Software Services announces a new interface for ECinteractivePLUS®, its native e-commerce platform for DDMSPLUS®, which is ECI’s complete ERP software.

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ECI Software Services announces a new interface for ECinteractivePLUS®, its native e-commerce platform for DDMSPLUS®, which is ECI’s complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software built specifically for business products dealers. Now available to users in North America, the new interface includes a modernized design that elevates the buyer experience while preserving the strongest business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce features, such as CXML punchouts, budgets, recurring orders and credit card vaulting. ECinteractivePLUS is an ecommerce platform integrated into DDMSPLUS that allows SMBs to grow online sales with more efficiency, minimal ecommerce knowledge and wholesaler-enabled features.

“Businesses are buying more products online, and today’s customers want an Amazon-style shopping experience—even from a B2B website,” says Brian Bowerfind, president, Distribution Division at ECI Software Solutions. “We designed ECinteractivePLUS to help smaller business products dealers gain a stronger foothold in a competitive landscape. The new interface gives their customers a more modern look and feel while keeping the best industry-focused ecommerce features behind the scenes.”

Key Takeaways:

  • ECinteractivePLUS is a fully integrated all-in-one business and ecommerce management system for distributors supporting business products resellers.
  • Specially designed to automate tasks, streamline operations and manage complex projects, ECinteractivePLUS is built to increase sales without increasing costs—from order to invoice—no matter the complexity.