Cin7 Acquires Inventoro to Pave Way for Next-Level Intelligent Commerce

Cin7 acquires Inventoro to integrate Inventoro’s capabilities with Cin7’s platform, which will extend product seller’s access to AI technology.

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Cin7 acquires Inventoro to integrate Inventoro’s capabilities with Cin7’s platform, which will extend product seller’s access to AI technology, enabling customers to enhance existing inventory and order management capabilities with intelligent prediction and optimization.

"Inventoro's AI forecasting and optimization capabilities are a perfect complement to Cin7's robust inventory management solutions," says Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Cin7’s CEO. "The actionable insights and increased visibility into performance provided by the combined capabilities help customers optimize performance across channels and minimize impacts from overstocking and stock outs. By combining Cin7's inventory management platform and the power of Inventoro's AI-powered forecasting, the future of inventory intelligence is here.”  

Key Takeaways:

  • Overstocking and similar inefficiencies are estimated to drive $163B in losses each year for global product sellers. The combined power of Inventoro and Cin7 can change that. Inventoro's AI-powered forecasting technology accurately predicts future product demand, providing daily updates on key optimization performance and insights on which products drive profits. Together with Cin7's end-to-end inventory management software, sellers will gain invaluable visibility into their product availability and inventory capital.
  • Powered by a proprietary AI engine, sellers can forecast demand with unmatched accuracy months in advance, maintaining optimal stock levels and eliminating overages. This allows sellers to make fast, impactful decisions – enabling both short- and long-term forecasting that translates insight into action. Not only does this help achieve over 99% product availability, it also frees up to 20% of inventory capital and saves valuable time through automated, streamlined operations.