GEP Launches AI-Driven Orchestration Solution

GEP launches the industry’s first AI-driven Total Orchestration Solution to transform users’ experience and efficiency for enterprises.

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GEP launches the industry’s first AI-driven Total Orchestration Solution to transform users’ experience and efficiency for enterprises.

The majority of procurement application users are increasingly non-procurement professionals — rank and file employees, warehouse material managers, legal and finance professionals. Despite advances in software functional capabilities, these users continue to find procurement processes innately complex.

As the leading innovator in the source-to-pay full-suite provider arena, GEP is launching Total Orchestration Solution with a built-in co-pilot that embeds intelligence across complex workflows while simplifying the end-user experience. GEP’s orchestration engine encompasses leading-edge AI, low-code, data harmonization and workflow design that reimagines the end-user experience.

“In a few years, more than 80% of procurement transactions will be executed by non-procurement business users,” says Santosh Nair, GEP’s chief product officer. “GEP’s orchestration solution provides users with a simple guided intake process and visibility into the next steps with conversational collaboration and auto-fulfilment of their needs. GEP Total Orchestration Solution is an advanced intelligent engine that orchestrates the whole procurement flow and integrates seamlessly with other applications in the ecosystem.”

Key Takeaways:

  • By leveraging its generative AI and low-code platform, GEP QUANTUM, GEP’s orchestration approach adeptly understands and guides users’ buying decisions, streamlines all processes, improves collaboration, decision-making, control, and visibility over enterprise spend to uncover and deliver superior value. GEP orchestration also drives how GEP SOFTWARE integrates with solution and data providers from the wider ecosystem, providing its customers with a command center across a multi-enterprise network.
  • GEP orchestration streamlines the entire source-to-pay process for users, through:

    • Supporting Guided Purchasing — Users initiate a request or ask for something they need using a simple search bar, eliminating dozens of steps and clicks. Non-technical users are guided to the optimal buying channel or result within one click.
    • Providing Supplier Recommendations — Users receive relevant and preferred suppliers using extensive and inclusive factors, including category, sustainability, risk, diversity and prior participation, as well as price. Additionally, users can also create sourcing events or contracts directly using search. 
    • Democratizing Intelligence and Dynamic Reporting — Using natural-language queries, instead of pre-determined charting, users analyze and create high-level dashboards of data from any source.
    • Automating Contract Management — Users view and manage their contractual obligations and sub-activities, and how they can be automatically marked as complete based on invoice payment or supplier upload. 
    • Increasing Adoption and Productivity — By synchronizing processes within the entire source-to-pay process, it increases efficiency, transparency and enterprise collaboration.
    • Empowering Users — With the intelligence to understand the intent, the system automatically guides employees through the correct process and routing the best possible path through the entire source-to-pay process.