Generative AI Capability to Simplify Supply Chain Management

Blue Yonder Orchestrator is a generative AI capability that allows companies to fuel more intelligent decision-making and faster supply chain orchestration.

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Blue Yonder launched Blue Yonder Orchestrator, a generative AI capability that allows companies to fuel more intelligent decision-making and faster supply chain orchestration.  

Blue Yonder Orchestrator helps companies bring value to their data, which is where many companies struggle,” says Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder. “It allows business users to quickly access recommendations, predictive insights, and intelligent decisions to ensure they generate the best outcomes to impact their supply chain positively. In today’s supply chain environment, in which many professionals are nearing retirement age and it’s challenging to retain that institutional knowledge, companies can use Blue Yonder Orchestrator as a trusty supply chain assistant that can augment intuition – using the value of the data – to make better and faster decisions.” 


Key takeaways:

  •  Blue Yonder Orchestrator synthesizes the natural language capabilities of large language models (LLMs) and the depth of the company’s supply chain IP to accelerate data-driven decision-making. Integrated within Blue Yonder’s Luminate Cognitive Platform, Blue Yonder Orchestrator is available to customers using Blue Yonder’s cognitive solutions suite.  
  • Users can query in everyday language, and Blue Yonder Orchestrator pulls data from all relevant and permissible sources. It can then serve up insights in a digestible format and recommend next steps.
  • The LLMs are trained on Blue Yonder’s depth of intellectual property, including proprietary algorithms, 400-plus patents and Blue Yonder’s supply chain software. 
  • Blue Yonder’s Platform Data Cloud, powered by Snowflake, can streamline decision-making and build a better network around a single data source while overcoming traditional integration challenges.   
  • Enhanced data security and quality assurance determine individual access based on user roles, permissions, and context within the supply chain application.


“Generative AI has a lot of promise but comes with certain considerations,” says Angove. “As we learn more, we will introduce additional capabilities and accelerate adoption across the portfolio. Blue Yonder is embarking on an exciting journey, and our team will be there from the onset, working with customers to assist them and leveraging their experiences to help guide the roadmap. As we build trust with customers’ business teams, our customers will be given the option to grant Blue Yonder Orchestrator agency to automate routine decisions.”