New Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking and Recovery Solution

Driving behavior patterns, including excessive speeding, braking and idle time, are automatically logged

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AtlantaMay 27, 2015Numerex, a provider of interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the launch of FASTrack PrePaid—a new turnkey offering that combines advanced vehicle tracking, monitoring and recovery, and other desirable features into one simple-to-use solution.

Using FASTrack PrePaid, fleet managers and dealers can provide vehicle owners with a solution that offers driver behavior monitoring, as well as an economical tracking and recovery solution for their vehicles. The easy-to-deploy offering is built on Numerex's cloud-based platform and is coupled with the Numerex network. The offering is available as a bundled solution with options for 24 or 36 months of prepaid service.

Driver safety and security features enable the ability to monitor vehicle fluid levels, receive maintenance reminders and perform remote door unlocking. Driving behavior patterns, including excessive speeding, braking and idle time, are also automatically logged and can be used to identify opportunities to improve fuel efficiency and general road safety.

Vehicles can also be effectively monitored with user-defined geo-fences that trigger web portal, email or text message alerts should the vehicles venture beyond pre-set boundaries or routes. In the event of theft, the vehicle starter can be remotely disabled, helping facilitate recovery. A viewable route history also helps monitor, track and trace vehicles as necessary.

"FASTrack PrePaid fills an important gap in the market, and delivers an easy-to-use vehicle monitoring, tracking and recovery solution that enhances the security, safety and productivity of drivers and their vehicles," said Mike Lang, senior vice president and president of IoT solutions at Numerex. 

FASTrack PrePaid is compatible with a range of popular vehicle-monitoring devices. The application is accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop personal computers (PCs).

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