Do You Feel Safe Yet?

Cutting-edge technology offers better security.

Security has been a major issue since the Internet came to life. Buyers have wondered who might see their private information aside from the intended party. Likewise, sellers have questioned the validity and identity of buyers who so readily plunk down orders for several thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

Thanks to the recent e-Sign Law, which identifies a person electronically, both customers and sellers can begin to breath a little easier. "The signing of the 'e-Sign Bill' into law by President Clinton ushers in a new era of online identification," said Scott Lowry, president and chief executive officer of Digital Signature Trust. To participate in the New Economy, everyone must have a secure and authentic means to identify who they are and with whom they are doing business electronically."

The new law opens the door for companies like Digital Signature Trust to bring about a new sense of security in placing orders across the Internet. Their new Trust ID program, for instance, helps authenticate an individual, an employee of a registered business or from a particular server as valid purchasers. With programs like this in place identity fraud becomes a little harder.

However, identity authentication is not the only aspect of security. Businesses must also monitor the selling end for unwanted traffic and potentially damaging attacks. "As more companies go on-line, they extend their networks and thus increase their exposure," said Eric Hemmendinger, senior analyst at Aberdeen Group, the Boston-based technology research firm.

Several options are available to combat security violations. Outsourcing to a security firm is perhaps one of the best options. Telenisus, for example, offers managed intrusion detection and authentication services. Telenisus monitors your site for unusual activity in real-time. When an intruder is detected security engineers swing into action to protect the site.

With identity authentication taking hold online and improvements in site monitoring we can all begin to feel a little more confident that some hacker isnt purchasing 8,000 pairs of tangerine-colored speedos in your name.