Grimco Selects Grand Junction to Manage Same- and Next-Day Deliveries

Comprehensive technology platform accesses, rolls out, and manages national same-day and scheduled delivery

San FranciscoSept. 16, 2015Grand Junction Inc., a comprehensive technology platform for offering and managing same-day and local delivery across North America, announced that Grimco Inc., a national sign supply wholesaler, selected Grand Junction to manage its same- and next-day delivery network, spanning more than 40 markets.

Grimco Inc. supplies anything and everything sign-related—from inks and base layers to traffic signs and equipment from Hewlett-Packard and 3M—across the United States and Canada. In an industry in which selection and price are as important as speed from order to delivery, Grimco found that to cost-effectively offer nationwide same-day, on-demand, a.m./p.m. (i.e., order early and receive by close of business) and next-day service, it required its fleet to be augmented and, in most markets, replaced by courier companies.

“Because each market worked with a different courier, we found that each one was offering a slightly different version of what we considered our standard service levels—rates were often radically different and quality metrics were defined differently,” said Kevin Howser, executive vice president of operations, Grimco Inc. “And, because we lacked software to centralize our operations and coordinate, there were many manual processes involved. Grand Junction gives us real-time visibility and control across our local delivery operations—both our courier network and our in-house fleet—allowing us to reduce costs, better scale our business and, most importantly, offer a far better customer experience.”

Filling in the critical gaps of transportation management software (TMS) when it comes to same-day and local delivery, Grand Junction brings together corporate logistics, customer service and finance teams, stores/branches, carriers and drivers on a single cloud-based platform. From mobile apps that provide visibility throughout a driver’s daily deliveries to automated post-delivery customer surveys to alerts about potentially late deliveries to automated invoice auditing, Grand Junction gives shippers all of the tools they need to manage a multi-market delivery operation. Grand Junction also gives shippers access to the more than 700 couriers on its platform, which Grimco readily took advantage of when looking to upgrade and expand parts of its delivery network.

Rob Howard, CEO of Grand Junction, said, “No company offering same-day or local delivery—even a Fortune 500 company—is able to provide the UPS and FedEx-like experience that businesses and consumers are accustomed to. Grand Junction gives shippers all of the tools they need to provide a comparable customer experience while controlling costs.”

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