NeoGrid Launches NeoTPM and NeoS&OP Solutions

NeoTPM and NeoS&OP modules enable supply chain-wide collaboration and enhanced demand planning

ChicagoJuly 21, 2014NeoGrid announced the release of its NeoTPM solution for trade promotion management (TPM) and NeoS&OP solution for advanced sales and operations planning (S&OP). NeoGrid is a global technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, from retail and distribution intelligence to demand planning and replenishment, as well as strategic sourcing solutions, and logistics and financial exchange.

Within a single system, NeoTPM allows users to manage the complete trade promotion process and seamlessly makes that data available for S&OP. NeoS&OP provides greater forecasting accuracy for short- as well as long-term planning horizons, utilizing actual demand signals and more granular data analysis. Data from NeoTPM and NeoS&OP are available via NeoGrid’s integrated, cloud-based platform to enable collaboration across the organization so that marketing, sales, finance and demand planning departments can all finally work with the same information.

Stephen Minakovic, head of sales and global account manager for Bayer at NeoGrid, said, “Typically, TPM solutions only handle about a third of the TPM process, with most of the work still being performed by each department in their own standalone spreadsheets, making it very manual and labor-intensive to manage, track and report. NeoTPM fixes that by providing a single solution for the complete process.”

Minakovic further explained, “In addition, as the TPM data traditionally sits outside of the planning process for most systems, it requires more manual data entry to incorporate, plan and track the events for S&OP. With NeoTPM and NeoS&OP, we are, for the first time, bringing TPM seamlessly into the S&OP process—it becomes part of the data used for forecasting and further enables cross-functional collaboration within one system, giving the various business units access to a single version of the truth. This represents the future of supply chain synchronization.”

“The platform will allow us to evolve easily as our customers’ forecasting and supply chain initiatives evolve,” said a Bayer supply chain executive. “We no longer have to implement different solutions for different customer needs. NeoGrid allows us significant flexibility across the Bayer enterprise globally.”

Key features and benefits of NeoGrid’s NeoTPM and NeoS&OP solutions include:

  • NeoTPM: NeoGrid’s TPM module eliminates spreadsheets, data silos, and manual processes by bringing trade promotion data directly into S&OP to become part of the demand and financial planning processes. Features include fund and volume quota allocation, “what if” scenario planning, volume and funding financial reconciliation, and system-enabled promotion evaluation.
  • NeoS&OP: With the same flexibility as NeoGrid’s existing S&OP module, NeoS&OP’s advanced S&OP features provide even more accuracy in the planning process through a more comprehensive, granular view of data, for both short- and long-term forecasting. NeoS&OP’s capabilities include top-down and bottom-up planning, what-if scenario planning, promotional event planning and comprehensive management reporting. It can also integrate information from collaborative processes with retailers directly into the S&OP process—synchronizing both processes.         

Both the NeoTPM and NeoS&OP modules, along with all of NeoGrid’s modules, empower users with cloud-based, integrated, end-to-end solutions that are quick, easy and cost-effective to deploy nationally, regionally or globally.

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