Country of Origin Determination Part of Global Trade Management

Country of origin determinations are complex because each importing country has its own rules to be followed

Charlotte, N.C.July 9, 2014Integration Point, a provider of global trade management software, released a product to assist with country of origin determinations. This new offering is part of the Integration Point Global Trade Management Solution that provides global visibility and localized knowledge for more than 160 countries on a single, web-based platform.  Country of origin determinations are complex because each importing country has its own rules to be followed, and each must be taken into consideration when preparing goods for export and import.

Integration Point Country of Origin Determination automates the determination process based on the appropriate marking rules of origin for each country, as well as bundles the pertinent regulations and rulings for reference.  Companies can then submit the origin decisions to customs to obtain a binding ruling determination, or retain them as evidence that reasonable care was taken and a consistent process followed.

Integration Point Country of Origin Determination allows companies to:

  • View origin marking rules for imports to a given country.
  • Access binding rulings for country of origin and/or marking decisions.
  • Search the Integration Point Global Trade Content database for country of origin and/or marking binding rulings that were already determined.
  • Facilitate country of origin determination and origin marking rules for an import country.
  • Store country of origin determinations for historical and audit purposes.

“Customs authorities in many countries intensified their enforcement of import regulations, especially the origin marking regulations,” said Audrey Garrett, import compliance manager of the Americas, Flowserve Corporation. “In order to correctly mark product with origin, an importer must first properly determine the origin of the product, and second, correctly mark it in accordance with those regulations. Companies need quick and reliable access to their origin data, the different regulations, as well as a degree of automation to ensure consistency in the process. Without those things, the company is subjected to the risk factor of delays, seizure and/or penalties.”

“As the global trade industry changes, so do the needs of those participating in that arena,” said Ginger Catizone, origin product manager at Integration Point. “The development of the country of origin determination product was in direct response to a need in the industry. Companies today have to go through a laborious process of searching the rules of origin text to find the information—a process that could take hours, if not days. Companies need to be able to determine country of origin rules in an automated fashion using data that is up to date.”

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