DOT-Compliant Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

New functionality integrates daily inspection and reporting directly into mobile supply chain management solution

Trevose, Pa.July 8, 2014Airclic, a provider of cloud-based solutions that enhance visibility and control throughout the mobile supply chain, announced the addition of an integrated United States Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant reporting solution that helps to automate and improve the efficiency of the daily Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) process.

Developed as a direct response to customers wanting a more flexible way to manage their vehicle inspections, Airclic’s new DOT-Compliant Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting functionality helps customers to better manage the required, yet often painstaking and time-consuming process of daily vehicle inspection and reporting.

Airclic’s highly configurable workflow technology enabled the creation of a more customer-driven inspection process, where companies can easily track and report inspections using their mobile supply chain management solution. This helps customers protect against non-compliance and enables managers to quickly identify issues that need to be addressed in order to keep fleets running on time.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to improve their fleet operations and overall supply chain efficiency,” said Mike Lee, CEO of Airclic. “With our flexible vehicle inspection solution, drivers will be able to more efficiently complete the DVIR process and companies won’t have to worry about whether the right documentation was filed.”

Circular inspections of multiple pieces of equipment are enabled, guiding the driver around tractors, trailers and dollies in a logical order, instead of requiring the inspection of one piece of equipment at a time. The solution features user-definable inspection zones and points for each type of equipment (vehicle, trailer, dolly, etc.). Guided inspections can be updated as requirements change or as needed to focus on specific trouble spots that require regular checks.

Rather than being tacked on to a tractor’s DVIR, equipment—such as trailers and dollies— have their own unique DVIR. This makes it possible for defective equipment to be easily marked as repaired, mechanics notes to be included and repair order numbers added as necessary. To facilitate this process, there is a specific web-based user interface provided for mechanics.

The solution also enables on-demand retrieval of the last three months of reporting on individual pieces of equipment, making proof of compliance even easier.

Built to seamlessly integrate with Airclic’s cloud-based mobile supply chain products, this DVIR product addresses a fleet’s DOT vehicle inspection compliance needs and can be rapidly deployed to achieve a return on investment (ROI) in less than six months.

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