What Is Arena Quality?

A cloud-based PLM solution connects quality and planning with the product development process to act as one

Foster City, Calif.June 27, 2014—Arena Quality is an improved cloud-based quality solution designed to bring visibility, cross-functional team collaboration and long-term tracking of quality resolutions to the enterprise’s core. Specifically, it enables companies to create and/or better meet ISO standards, FDA regulations and a spectrum of other product quality business processes, including 21 CFR Part 11, NCMR, CAPA and 8D. And it’s all embedded into Arena PLM (product lifecycle management) for holistic visibility.

Arena helps customers deal with their quality issues. Arena Quality is built for companies ranging from larger high-tech multinational enterprises that need to unify global business units with modern quality methods to small medical device startups in need of an efficient compliant quality system. Regardless of a company’s size or industry, Arena Quality enables continual process improvements, higher quality products and cost reductions across the entire value chain.

See the Total Quality Picture through the Lens of the Product Record

With Arena Quality, connections to items, changes, requests, files and projects, including outside links, result in a more comprehensive solution. Many alternatives connect only to parts and assemblies, and have to be cross-checked back and against a PLM solution that does not interface with an independent quality module.

By integrating quality processes directly with the product record, Arena ensures quality records are captured and maintained to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements. With Arena Quality, companies capture a more complete quality picture, allowing auditors to quickly and easily verify compliance in context.

Arena Quality enables every individual in the company to increase quality with an open privilege model, which allows all users to initiate and drive the process. The entire team is empowered to promote continuous improvement in the product and the organization as opposed to restricting collaboration and ownership to a handful of licenses.

Arena Quality Supports Design Thinking

The module is completely integrated into Arena PLM records and processes to ensure engineers, manufacturing, quality and supply chain teams have in-context visibility to all quality issues as they design, review, improve and build products.

Some other features and benefits include:

  • Contextual link capabilities that allow quality processes to be associated to enterprise business systems, and other external data sources, such as legal claims, warranty claims, external audits, field service reports and regulatory databases.
  • Searchable quality processes that are fully integrated with the product record.
  • Customizable quality process flows and audit tracking with custom phases and configurable attributes.
  • A comprehensive reporting platform that delivers quality data company-wide to appropriate statistical tools for auditable analysis.
  • An improved time to market because operations, manufacturing, quality and engineering collaborate to include quality processes proactively in the development cycle, addressing issues up front to speed time to market.
  • Higher product quality because teams build better product in a culture of continuous improvement, where all stakeholders are alerted to new issues in real time and can learn from a documented library of past challenges.
  • Reduced costs and higher margins because quality process improvements in operations, manufacturing and development reduce scrap, rework and labor to improve product margins and maximize return on investment.
  • Greater process efficiency because anagers can ensure proper approvals, maintain accountability, and attach tasks to timelines for resolutions by assigning users to direct process or phase responsibility with due dates and email notifications.
  • One system that is always tied in to the most current product record, taking version control issues off the table.

A cloud-based PLM solution connects quality and planning with the product development process to act as one. With this holistic, end-to-end view of quality management, Arena Quality is helping companies deliver quality products more efficiently, while maintaining a competitive edge. This seamless integration keeps costs low and productivity high, while stimulating innovation.

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