Amy's Kitchen to Optimize Planning and Scheduling Processes

The company chose the Quintiq platform to maximize resource utilization, improve the decision-making process and enhance productivity

Radnor, Penn.Oct. 11, 2013Quintiq, a global provider of supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O), announced that Amy’s Kitchen selected Quintiq’s SCP&O platform to optimize its processes. Quintiq is purpose-built to solve supply chain challenges and accommodate real-time changes that impact decision-making.

Amy’s Kitchen is a leading producer of natural, organic convenience and frozen foods. The company required a scalable solution, and chose the Quintiq platform to maximize resource utilization, improve the decision-making process and enhance productivity. Quintiq was selected for its flexibility to handle the unique constraints found in Amy’s Kitchen’s intricate scheduling processes. The solution also establishes a foundation for company-wide visibility, enabling improved teamwork and communication.

A core value at Quintiq is to deliver a 100 percent fit for today’s needs and provide a foundation to quickly adapt to changes, thus ensuring that the solution constantly remains ideal for a company’s needs. To achieve the 100 percent fit, Quintiq accounts for the complex rules and requirements that govern the company’s production environment.

This includes the large number of staff required to cook and assemble each product, the delivery of raw materials, inventory disposition, and equipment availability. Additionally, the platform optimizes communication and collaboration between sales and inventory forecast planning, ensuring customer orders can be fulfilled more efficiently.

“We required a SCP&O platform that would accommodate our intricate scheduling requirements, which stems from our unique approach of assembling and cooking products simultaneously,” said Andy Berliner, CEO at Amy’s Kitchen. “Quintiq has an outstanding track record in the industry, and its software platform enables us to maintain the high quality and fulfillment standards our customers have come to expect."

Quintiq is designed with scalability and sustainability in mind to be a planner-friendly platform that enables personalized views. It facilitates error-free planning, and provides built-in capabilities to create and monitor key performance indicators. 

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