CargoSmart Raises Bar for Measuring Carrier Reliability

Sailing schedule reliability application empowers shippers and logistics service providers to optimize carrier selection

San Jose, CA—Nov. 8, 2011—CargoSmart Ltd., a Software as a Service (SaaS) global shipping and logistics solutions provider, has launched Schedule Reliability, the industry’s first interactive sailing schedule reliability application.

The new business intelligence solution helps shippers and logistics service providers measure ocean carriers’ schedule reliability and select the carriers that best fit their supply chain needs. Schedule Reliability is available online and through downloadable reports. Carrier reliability data is also available on the latest version of CargoSmart’s sailing schedule application for the iPhone.

CargoSmart’s online schedule reliability reports enable customers to measure carriers’ performance. The Apex Group, a top three Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) for the transpacific trade to the United States, manages contracts with 16 ocean carriers. “CargoSmart’s interactive analysis tools let us review carriers’ reliability on our key routes,” said Kevin Bulger, vice president of operations, Apex Maritime. “The on-time performance reports will help us monitor and enhance the service we provide to our customers.”

Shippers and logistics service providers are facing frequent vessel schedule changes due to increased slow steaming, shifting port coverage, vessel diversions, and service changes. Contract holders want to measure carriers’ performance so that they can select the best carriers and routes to meet their business needs. They also rely on accurate schedule data and comprehensive analysis tools to make informed decisions for their supply chain planning. CargoSmart provides carrier schedule performance reports with extensive, high-quality data, covering over 14,000 vessels and 800 ports, for customers to optimize their carrier selection.

Customers can measure their carriers’ performance through CargoSmart’s on-demand platform rather than waiting for static reports. “The online reports provide up-to-date analysis that enable customers to adjust their transportation planning to reduce the risk of costly shipment delays,” said Kim Le, director of CargoSmart North America. CargoSmart’s schedule reliability application lets customers view carriers’ overall on-time performance based on their punctuality. Customers can drill down to view the details by service, port, or port pair according to their business needs. Quarterly reports are available for customers to review the trend of on-time reliability.

Customers can also access schedule reliability information through CargoSmart’s sailing schedule application for the iPhone. The iPhone application provides sailing schedules from more than 20 ocean carriers. Customers review schedule performance by port to determine the most reliable schedules from their mobile devices.

Schedule Reliability helps customers select the carriers that best fit their business needs and prepare for their carrier contract bidding processes. CargoSmart also provides a full carrier contract management solution that lets customers manage ocean contracts online, save time searching for and comparing contracted rates, and optimize bookings to lower transportation costs. CargoSmart’s advanced solutions provide customers with an integrated platform for efficient supply chain management.

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