BSI to Develop New System for Screening Cargo for Homeland Security

Science and technology directorate awards contract to identify high-risk containers at U.S. ports

Reston, VA—Oct. 25, 2011—The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate has awarded a contract to BSI Group’s Supply Chain Solutions business unit for the creation of a protocol to aid the screening of cargo at U.S. ports. BSI will work with DHS S&T-sponsored engineers in a project designed to integrate data from new detection systems, along with BSI’s proprietary intelligence on cargo disruption and anti-Western terrorism, in order to better identify high-risk containers.

“BSI’s extensive knowledge and assessments of global supply chain risk were key factors to our selection. Combining what we know in terms of country and in-transit supply chain risk factors with what we don’t know—potential harmful devices and materials onboard an inbound shipment—provides for smarter risk-based targeting and inspection,” said Dan Purtell, senior vp of BSI Supply Chain Solutions.

BSI will leverage its experience and intelligence in supply chain security to help determine if this new approach to assessing risk is an improved approach over current practices in container screening. The project also draws on BSI’s experience in supporting U.S. Customs and Border Protection with supply chain security information, analysis, and training.

BSI maintains one of the largest, continuously-updated, non-governmental proprietary databases, which includes comprehensive cargo disruption analysis in more than 200 countries, cargo theft exposure, up-to-date country risk analysis, and terrorism threats to in-transit shipments. The detailed data is then leveraged to guide and prioritize resources to best address threats.

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