Flux Releases Lithium-Ion Batteries for use in Forklifts

Flux Power is fitting forklifts and other industrial equipment with newly designed lithium-ion batteries.

Li Ft Pack L48
Flux Power

Flux Power Holdings, Inc. announced the launch of the LiFT Pack L48 lithium-ion battery pack at MODEX 2020. 

The LiFT Pack L48 lithium-ion battery is designed for the 3 wheel forklifts used in high-performance, narrow aisle warehouses. Offered in a 48 V, 400 Ah configuration, it delivers:

  • High capacity, safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery (35.3” x 19.9” x 22.5”)
  • No required maintenance
  • Designed and built to meet UL standards
  • Dedicated interlocked charge port (battery remains in the lift truck during charging - no removal required) 

  “One of the fastest-growing segments of lift equipment is the 3 wheel forklift,” said Andrew Carducci, Product Engineer. “With the launch of the LiFT Pack L48, we now have a lithium-ion solution to power this equipment with the benefits of no required maintenance and enhanced safety.”