New Solution for Tracking ROI on EAM Systems

SAN DIEGO -- BUSINESS WIRE -- October 3, 2000 -- Mainsaver Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system users will be able to track and evaluate returns on investment (ROI) with a new service offering from Cayenta, a San Digeo, Calif.-based ASP.

A company will be able to use the new service, developed by Cayenta's EAM Solutions Group, to measure ROI and to improve from baseline measurements using either standard Mainsaver reports or custom reports based upon the company's own unique business practices, according to an announcement from Cayenta.

"Our first step in this process establishes client specific benchmarking information used to develop improved workflow processes and identify areas with the potential for additional time and cost savings," said Richard Theisman, manager of professional services at Cayenta. "After the initial implementation we then schedule follow-up evaluations for the system and provide recommendations to continually increase its return."

Cayenta catalogs all standardized processes, benchmarked performance goals and customer-required standards, including such information as number and location schemes for assets and spare parts, units of measure, commodity codes, fault, action, cause and codes for assets, asset groups, asset status, cost centers and work order status. Customers receive an audit report outlining the current status of the database population, workflows and standards as the benchmark for follow-up periods.

Such audits are typically performed six, 12 and 18 months after the initial investment to ensure standards are adopted for maximum benefit. Cayenta also provides recommendations for improvement.

"Companies can establish and maintain corporate standards among multiple installations and continually improve system performance," said Cayenta EAM Marketing Manager Stefanie Stagnaro.

Cayenta provides services to clients in the retail, manufacturing, trade media, transportation and logistics and utility industries.