No More Fees Please

Peregrine eliminates transaction fees

SAN DIEGO --PRNewswire  November 15, 2000 -- Peregrine Systems, a provider of Infrastructure Management software and marketplace enablement solutions, has announced the immediate availability of a flat-rate pricing option for its e-commerce offerings that eliminates variable transaction fees.

Peregrine's new pricing strategy enables customers to pay a Flat monthly fee based on the number of trading relationships, rather than on the number of transactions. As business grows in volume, the cost that customers incur for an established trading relationship remains the same. This allows customers to evaluate the value of any given relationship and clearly understand the cost associated with establishing and maintaining the relationship.

"Flat-rate pricing enables users of these services to understand exactly what their monthly fees cover and what they will be," said Ross Altman, research director at Gartner Group. "Customers have been complaining for years about fees based on the size of documents, the time of day documents are exchanged, the value of the documents and so on."

"We chose Peregrine to manage our external communications with our trading partners due to their experience in messaging, their ability to support a variety of message formats and communication protocols and their new pricing model. The nature of our business requires tight integration with our manufacturer partners and their shippers to offer our buyers complete order visibility and virtual inventory visibility. This requirement translates into a need for us to exchange volumes of data with our partners including orders, order acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices, invoices, carrier status, delivery status and product activity data. This affords a great deal of variability both in the quantity and value of the documents we exchange," said William Roth, CEO, of ChannelLink, an e-commerce provider and marketplace for the pharmaceutical industry. "Peregrine's flat rate Internet pricing structure allows much better clarity in predicting our month to month charges and we are not penalized when we leverage our trading relationships by exchanging more business documents to offer enhanced value to our trading partners."

"Our goal is to provide our customers with flexible pricing options to support their business goals," said Steve Gardner, Peregrine chairman and CEO. "The flat fee model was designed to accommodate enterprise-level customers as well as e-Market sponsors. In an Internet economy, it doesn't make sense to base pricing solely on transaction fees and size or quantity of documents exchanged."

Peregrine's e-Markets Group processes more than 1.1 million e-commerce transactions every business day and annually transacts in excess of $250 billion in B2B e-commerce.