South African Supply Chain

Logility and Enterprise Business Technologies to provide supply chain solutions to South African market

ATLANTA -- December 4, 2000 -- PRNewswire -- Logility, a supplier of B2B collaborative commerce solutions to power e-business and optimize the supply chain, and Enterprise Business Technologies, a South African-based application service provider (ASP), today announced an alliance to deliver Logility's e-business solutions as an Enterprise Business Technologies solution to customers in South Africa.

Logility and Enterprise Business Technologies will offer Logility Voyager Solutions to traditional brick-and-mortar companies as well as Net markets to optimize e-business and supply chain initiatives in the South African region. When deployed in an ASP model, Logility's e-business solution gives companies the ability to achieve a faster than usual ROI with a managed deployment and predictable budget expenditure. Enterprise Business Technologies has already signed the first customer to use the Logility solution.

This partnership boosts Logility's presence in the rapidly growing South African market, stated Mike Edenfield, president and CEO of Logility. We are excited about the initial interest generated in the joint solution and we are happy to announce that Enterprise Business Technologies has already signed the first customer in a multi-year agreement to leverage Logility's Voyager Solutions in an ASP deployment.

Logility Voyager Solutions is an integrated suite of e-business and supply chain optimization solutions that enable suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to more effectively optimize activities along their respective supply chains and enhance collaboration among trading partners to increase revenue, reduce cycle times and improve customer service. Logility's collaborative commerce solutions expand the number of strategic business processes such as planning, forecasting, promotion planning, sourcing, warehousing and transportation that can be executed via the Internet.

Enterprise Business Technologies will provide Logility's Voyager Solutions to businesses in the African market. The two companies will cooperatively bring the supply chain solutions to the market through direct sales and joint marketing activities designed to promote their combined software and service offerings. Enterprise Business Technologies will bundle client installation, user training and best practices along with enterprise class support, such as 24-hour application monitoring and customer service. Hosted in a secure environment, Enterprise Business Technologies will offer this complete solution for a flat monthly fee.