Viacore Gets 'Biz'y

Microsoft's BizTalk Server 2000 connects with Viacore

IRVINE,CA  PRNewswire  January 3, 2001  Microsoft recently entered into a new alliance agreement with Viacore, a PSP (Process Service Provider) for the computer and electronic industries, in which Viacore was named Microsoft's Premier PSP for integration solutions based on standards such as Rosettanet, cXML, xCBL, EDI and BizTalk Framework standards and will be implemented on BizTalk Server 2000. Microsoft and Viacore hope that this agreement will bring to market a comprehensive integration solution that is low-cost, standards-based and versatile, enabling supply chain process integration for their clients.

As a PSP, Viacore's single-source electronic process operations network quickly connects Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 customers to multiple trading partners with agility and ease of use inherent to Microsoft products, said Fadi Chehade, chairman and CEO of Viacore. Viacore's new relationship with Microsoft provides customers with a complete, low-cost solution for business-to-business electronic process integration.

Viacore's electronic process operations network will enable BizTalk Server 2000 users to share process information with a community of B2B trading partners more efficiently and rapidly than they can through a point-to-point connection strategy. The relationship includes, but is not limited to, joint development activities, certification of the BizTalk Server 2000-based ProcessTone solutions for universal connectivity with Viacore clients, and custom solution development. 

Microsoft and Viacore hope that companies using BizTalk Server 2000 and ProcessTone services will benefit from participating in a network of collaborative business process sharing. The two companies anticipate that the alliance will enable customers to quickly connect and disconnect their back office supply chain processes with multiple marketplaces and trading environments in a secure and reliable environment. In addition, customers should be able to take advantage of dynamic sourcing, order management, product lifecycle management and collaborative forecasting through Viacore's standards-based process infrastructure.

Microsoft's partnership with Viacore for electronic process integration services significantly expands supply chain connectivity for our mutual customers, said Marie Huwe, director of .NET Developer Products for Microsoft. Customers will be able to integrate business processes and applications using the combined power of BizTalk2000 and Viacore's depth and breadth of experience in the process connectivity and management space, and will see rapid improvements in the efficiency of their supply chain through true process integration with multiple trading partners.