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ATOFINA Chemicals launches B2B initiative with webMethods

Jan. 19, 2001  The chemical industry is a popular space for B2B these days. The number of chemical exchanges sprouting up, like, and ChemConnect (see iSource February issue, pg. 124), is testament to the growth in the industry. ATOFINA Chemicals is the latest to jump on the chemical B2B train.

webMethods, a B2B integration solutions provider, recently announced that ATOFINA Chemicals selected webMethods B2B to automate the communication and exchange of information between ATOFINA and its buyers and suppliers in the chemical industry. webMethods B2B will enable real-time transactions and will reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain, which ATOFINA hopes will reduce costs and solidify relationships with strategic customers and suppliers.

ATOFINA Chemicals, a division of ATOFINA, which is the world's fifth largest chemical company, is fueling their B2B initiative in order to ensure customers and suppliers receive the most reliable platform for the exchange of business-critical data. By using webMethods B2B, ATOFINA can connect its SAP 4.6 system directly via the Internet with the back-end enterprise resource planning systems of its trading partners. ATOFINA customers and suppliers will be able to share forecast information, check real-time material availability, and create and change purchase orders. Additionally, partners may receive order confirmations, delivery and shipment confirmations, and invoice information.

"ATOFINA was looking for a company with a proven record of success that could provide us with a solution that would not require partner-specific configuration in our SAP 4.6 environment," explained Dave Seifert, CIO for ATOFINA Chemicals. "webMethods is the perfect match. They have significant experience working with SAP and are by far the leaders in providing business-to-business integration solutions for the chemical industry. We have been successful in containing partner-specific configuration to webMethods."

Future integration projects for ATOFINA include Elemica, the chemical mega-marketplace, and ATOFINA's Web storefront, By providing broad support for all Internet standards and protocols, webMethods B2B will enable ATOFINA to integrate existing and new trading partners with minimal stress to corporate resources and existing technology systems.

"We are delighted to be providing ATOFINA with the ability to improve supply chain efficiencies for the company's most strategic customers and suppliers," said Glenn MacKenzie, director, Chemical Industry Solutions of webMethods Inc. "webMethods B2B enables ATOFINA to quickly integrate trading partners with no changes to their existing technology infrastructure, thus increasing the value of online trade. By leveraging webMethods B2B to simplify integration efforts and streamline the supply chain, ATOFINA will have the flexibility to adapt as the company expands its business-to-business e-commerce initiatives."


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