When Alan Greenspan Talks . . .

White paper addresses Greenspan's take on e-commerce

Supply chain and electronic message management company Transentric has published a white paper titled Improving Supply Chain Visibility that examines how maximizing the effectiveness of supply chains requires a greater emphasis on inventory visibility.

The right decision today in supply chain visibility will have a profound impact on the future revenue of companies, said George Gagen, Transentric executive vice president. This paper explains how industries can cut their bottom line by looking to the future as they invest in e-commerce and messaging infrastructures for tomorrow.

As the global economy continues to evolve, the concept of supply chain visibility is increasingly being linked to economic productivity, according to Transentric's new briefing. Up-to-the-minute supply chain information allows companies to gain a competitive advantage though increased efficiency, improved customer service and overall savings.

The white paper details Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's observations on how recent advances in information technology can be linked to gains in economic productivity. He claims that the availability of real-time information allows businesses to better deliver products on time and reduce redundancies in the process. More and more, established companies are consolidating their supply chains using the Internet and reaping the economic rewards.

Printed copies of Transentric's white paper can be obtained by calling Tim Henschel at 404-879-9284.