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B2eMarkets partners with Digital Paper

February 27, 2001 -- Strategic e-sourcing solution provider B2eMarkets today announced a partnership with Digital Paper Corp., a provider of secure technical content exchange and collaboration solutions. The partnership brings together the companies' complementary technologies in order to expand the collaborative e-sourcing platform and link it with supply chain manufacturing execution. The goals of the partnership include faster and easier communication between trading partners, expanded collaboration and improved accuracy.

B2eMarkets' Strategic eSourcing Management, combined with Digital Paper's docQuest, will enable buyers to electronically research, evaluate, plan and collaboratively negotiate the lowest total cost of ownership for the most significant portion of their corporate spend. The combined platform will also give companies the ability to manage supplier relationships and performance, and enable buyers and suppliers to better communicate product requirements such as engineering. Suppliers will benefit by always having access to the current version of a technical document and having a way of collaborating with buyers, which will significantly improve eRFQ (electronic Request for Quote) bidding accuracy and eliminate rework.

Sourcing professionals contribute directly to the bottom line. Technology solutions like those B2eMarkets and Digital Paper provide can help them achieve sustainable savings for their businesses, said Orville Bailey, CEO and co-founder of B2eMarkets. Our rapid deployment models can translate into significant savings and rapid payback in as little as 30 days.

By bringing Digital Paper and B2eMarkets together, we have the ability to provide buyers with the tools to negotiate contracts with the best suppliers and flawlessly execute those contracts, said John Cronin III, chairman and CEO of Digital Paper. Our comprehensive approach enables customers to communicate with their trading partners with the right information at the right time.

As an investor in both companies, we have seen the success of their strong business models and believe their relationship brings a very powerful value proposition to strategic sourcing and supply chain manufacturing execution, said Len Sherman, general partner, Accenture Technology Ventures.