deuxo, Scribe to deliver CRM-to-CRM solutions

March 19, 2001  Lead-optimization solutions and services company deuxo today announced a partnership with customer relationship management (CRM) integration solutions provider Scribe Software to deliver CRM-to-CRM integration between deuxo's software and third-party sales force automation (SFA) solutions. Scribe will provide adapters and the business process integrations to enable deuxo to easily integrate their solution with multiple SFA systems, enabling businesses to support customers and prospects throughout their marketing and sales processes.

"We're pioneering opportunity optimization for use in business-to-business markets," said Randy Kenworthy, president and CEO of deuxo. "We needed to offer the most seamless integration to the leading SFA systems, ensuring rapid deployment and increased revenue for our customers. Scribe provides us with that capability."

"We're excited to provide the link between deuxo and its customers' existing SFA systems," stated Peter Chase, executive vice president and a founder of Scribe Software. "Scribe's CRM integration solutions allow innovative businesses like deuxo to enhance their product offering by seamlessly connecting to their customers' enterprise systems."

Scribe Integrate for deuxo combines Scribe's Integrate product, the deuxo adapter and SFA-specific adapters to allow two-way data transfer. Specifically, all relevant opportunity information is passed from deuxo to the SFA solution, and all required opportunity disposition information is passed from the SFA solution back to deuxo to provide a closed-loop system. This integration supports all potential configurations of a mutually deployed solution so that a customer can implement either system in an application service provider (ASP) or licensed software environment.

The combined solution allows sales professionals to continue using a familiar application, provides increased sales productivity and lower cost of sales, and creates a more effective lead distribution and feedback loop.