Sprechen sie plastics?

Omnexus launches new languages for plastics exchange

Atlanta  March 19, 2001  Omnexus announced Monday that its plastics e-marketplace is now available in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

Plastics industry professionals now can navigate the site in any one of the four languages.

Omnexus, which launched in October 2000, initially appeared in English with product listings and material search capabilities from major plastic suppliers. The U.S. site was further expanded to conduct live transactions in November. Omnexus says the new languages are the marketplace's first step toward reaching users across the globe, and the new linguistic functionality coincides with Omnexus' launch into the European market.

"As an Internet-based marketplace, Omnexus has had global reach from day one," said Peter Dunning, Omnexus CEO. "By adding not only additional language capabilities but also regional settings, we've taken the first step in making Omnexus into a truly global solution for the plastics industry."

Users can enter the Omnexus site and register in their native or preferred language, specify unit of measure (U.S. or metric), and indicate their specific region including: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, Near East and Africa. U.S. customers can navigate much of the site in their language of choice.

As part of Omnexus' phased rollout, customers in Europe and other parts of the world will be able to gain access to the catalogs of major resin suppliers, view regionally available materials and carry out product searches and polymer comparisons. Product comparisons are based on standardized performance data for engineering plastics, supported by documentation including MSDS and regulatory compliance listings. Additionally, users will have access to content such as a daily industry news service and plastics technology related features and events.

Omnexus says it will rollout full transactional capability in each of the language formats in the third quarter of this year. Features are expected to include multi-currency purchasing facilities and aggregated electronic invoicing, order tracking and enterprise resource planning integration in the customer's native language.