Beauty Is in the Eye of the Bid Holder selected as partner for BeautyTrades' industry marketplace

April 10, 2001  When I think of the beauty industry, I think of the sterile, labcoat-clad Clinique counter women at the mall. They look mean, not business or tech-savvy. But when BeautyTrades thinks about the beauty industry, they think of an uptapped target market for e-procurement.

BeautyTrades boasts its status as the only vertical service provider for the beauty industry, one that offers a suite of e-business applications including marketplace and e-procurement services. Recently, the company announced the launch of a new vertical trade Web site,, to be powered by the e-marketplace infrastructure and trade lead content of, a multi-industry marketplace. COO Paul Wagorn stated that the partnership represented an opportunity for to align itself with a first mover in the space and further extend the reach of their network of trade sites.