Peregrine Partner Program Progresses

Company expands Business Community Integration

San Diego  April 17, 2001  Peregrine Systems Inc. has announced the expansion of its Business Community Integration (BCI) and trading partner on-ramping program with a new offering that speeds deployment of collaborative commerce for larger enterprises, while reducing cost and complexity of entry to their smaller tiered trading community.

The new offering, which includes trading partner automation and Web commerce tools, opens the door to developing B2B Relationship Management programs, while extending the economic rewards of the Internet to both large and small companies alike. Using a standard Web browser, trading partners can retrieve and respond to documents (such as electronic purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices), without having to buy or license software. This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of entry to electronic commerce. In addition, trading partner automation enables companies to automate the certification and enablement process and to retrieve detailed reports along the way.

Peregrine has entered into alliances with Edifecs, ecwebworks and iApex. These partners are providing technology and services to enhance Peregrine's Get2Connect e-Business Portal, which provides B2B broker, connectivity and value-added services between buyers, suppliers and marketplaces.

True return on investment for B2B e-commerce can more easily be achieved by large enterprises and marketplaces when they implement their programs all the way across the value network," said Louis Blatt, senior vice president and general manager of the Peregrine E-Markets Group. "One of the age-old challenges with the Internet is getting suppliers of all tiers interested, engaged and certified to perform B2B relationship management. This is what is required to unleash the promise of the Internet. As a result of this exciting offering, we will be able to enable thousands of trading partners in a matter of months, while removing traditional barriers of entry."

In the past decade, Peregrine's E-Markets Group has helped more than 40,000 customers ramp up electronic trading communities. Peregrine's Business Community Integration services cover all aspects of rolling out a trading community, including surveying suppliers for e-business readiness, automated project management, online certification, and community reporting.

By implementing Edifecs CommerceDesk 4.0 software on Get2Connect, Peregrine's BCI services are extended to include project management, schema and message validation, and community reporting. Peregrine also offers automated community collaboration capabilities and data mining for trading partners providing the value proposition for suppliers to join a company's B2B network. The new offerings continue to support all EDI data formats as well as emerging XML standards such as RosettaNet and are able to provide real-time integration with marketplaces and a company's internal applications.