CRM Unplugged

Mobile CRM apps link outside staff to enterprise data

Horsham, PA  April 19, 2001  Astea International, a provider of equipment-service-centric customer relationship management (CRM) software, has released a suite of applications for mobile CRM.

Astea's AllianceRemote Suite categorizes mobile CRM into three applications families  untethered, Web-based and real-time wireless remote  and provides for device- and customer-specific solutions with standardized interfaces pre-integrated with Astea's enterprise CRM applications, AllianceEnterprise eCRM Suite.

The promise of mobile CRM is that companies can use it to improve service and sales productivity through employees' round-the-clock access to colleagues and an enterprise database from any location.

"With the choices of [mobile communications] devices available today ... there can be no 'one-size fits all' solution," said Greg Cicio, director of business development for Astea. "With the AllianceRemote Suite, Astea covers the breadth of remote options available today."