Singapore office to lead Manugistics' charge in Southeast Asia

Rockville, MD  May 4, 2001  Supply chain software provider Manugistics Group this week announced the official launch of its Southeast Asian office.

Manugistics Singapore will lead the company's Southeast Asian efforts to promote what it calls its "enterprise profit optimization (EPO) solutions," a combination of supply chain management and pricing and revenue optimization applications for enterprises and e-marketplaces.

"We believe that Singapore is an excellent hub from which Manugistics can build its presence across the Asia Pacific region," said Jan-Martin Witbreuk, managing director of Manugistics Southeast Asia.

Rich Bergmann, Manugistics' president, said that Singapore would be a strong regional launching point for the company in the region.

Manugistics says that EPO solutions help enable a company to enhance profitable growth through the simultaneous optimization of its supply-side and demand-side functions.

AMR Research, in a report on supply chain management released in January, estimated that up to $95 billion in annual incremental operating margin could be generated by tools such as EPO in the U.S. manufacturing economy alone. AMR called enterprise profit optimization "a big step toward the vital new perspective that costs and revenue can be optimized."

"Forecasting tools notwithstanding," the report continued, "little has been done to actually marry the functionality of price, promotion and yield management to capacity planning in manufacturing. The issue is profit creation, and EPO aims to reconcile these two schools of thought with packaged software. The reward is worth pursuing."