Halt! What Goes on There?

Vigilance adds to supply chain event management

Sunnyvale, CA  May 29, 2001  Supply chain event management solutions (SCEM) provider Vigilance Inc. today introduced new functionality to its Web-based suite of applications for real-time detection, notification, tracking and collaborative resolution of process exceptions in the extended supply chain.

Vigilance's solution provides real-time, automated supply chain process management, as well as allowing users to create their own Personal 1:1 Agents that watch the supply chain for rules-based exceptions. Once an event is detected, Vigilance Alerts notifies the affected community in real-time via the Web or any wireless device. Vigilance's Web-based active desk tracks the event until resolved, and Vigilance Analytics are provided to determine supply chain process variables and improve process management and learning.

Vigilance's added functionality extends the existing patent-pending exception-triggering capability with complex boolean conditions, and enables complex business rules to be effortlessly built through a Web-based graphic user interface. Vigilance has also added a set of tools and methodology such as single user sign-on authentications for integrating with a corporate Web portal such as Tibco or Yahoo! Portal Builder.

Our latest offering provides companies the scalability they want so that more users can get online and access the information that's critical to executing their complex business processes, said Dr. Jon Golovin, co-founder and CEO of Vigilance. Businesses today are losing time and money when bottlenecks occur within their supply chains. With Vigilance, these companies can act immediately to resolve those business events that go awry. Whether the cause is insufficient inventory, a missed shipment or equipment malfunction, Vigilance finds it and helps them fix it in real-time.

AMR Research predicts that SCEM software will top $185 million in 2001, and conservatively could represent 13 percent of the total supply chain execution software market, or $1.1 billion, by 2004, which represents an impressive 88 percent compound annual growth rate. SCEM will be a catalyst to the supply chain management market as users see how to wring more savings out of inventory and other assets in the supply chain.