e-Ternal Vigilance is the Price of Fulfillment

Supply chain event management software keeps Dresser on track

Sunnyvale, CA  June 12, 2001  Energy sector manufacturer Dresser Inc. is using supply chain event management software from Vigilance to help improve its manufacturing cycles and reduce its operations costs, according to an announcement this week from the solution provider.

In the supply chain process late or missing raw materials, and the added cost of managing high inventory levels, often hamper the timely fulfillment of made-to-stock orders. Supply chain event management software (SCEM) is intended to alert managers and key employees to supply chain problems in real-time, theoretically allowing them to deal with exceptions in a timely and cost-effective manner and preventing interruptions in manufacturing cycles.

Dresser chose Vigilance for its cost-cutting detection and resolution systems to improve both supplier management and manufacturing cycles. Vigilance has helped Dresser speed up its time to market in its flow control division (formerly Dresser Valve), with plans for expansion into other operations.

"Vigilance's SCEM technology gives us another set of eyes to monitor exceptions and provide actionable insight throughout our entire organization," said Walt Albright, director of information technology at Dresser's flow control division. "Our managers and key employees are alerted to supply chain process problems in real-time, helping us turn those issues into opportunities. They are able to stay on top of events as they occur and get a handle on the critical issues of the day  inventory, costs, late orders  in order to improve efficiency. This has resulted in our being proactive instead of reactive to customer needs."

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dresser designs, manufactures and markets highly engineered equipment and services sold primarily to customers in the flow control, measurement and power systems segments of the energy industry. Dresser's customers are major players in such markets as oil and gas production, chemical, paper, steel, mining and power generation industries.