A Smooth RASP?

Kasten Chase complies with GSA procurement schedule

Sterling, VA  July 17, 2001  Data security systems company Kasten Chase today announced that it has successfully processed its first four U.S. government orders through its recently announced U.S. government's General Services Agreement (GSA) procurement schedule. These include orders from the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army.

Inclusion on the GSA schedule has significant benefits to Kasten Chase's direct and pull-through sales initiatives, as the GSA pre-qualifies and pre-approves products of selected suppliers for sale to all levels of government, eliminating much of the procedural overhead associated with open competitive bids and sole sourcing. Government organizations requiring RASP Data Security products can simply select and purchase the desired products without any special approvals, negotiations or third party involvement.

"There is little doubt that the significant effort that went into achieving a much-sought-after GSA listing has started to pay off," stated Jim Davies, president and chief operations officer at Kasten Chase. "Most importantly, we are seeing a shortening of our traditional sales cycle due to the ability of our customers to expedite the order placement process using the GSA schedule. We believe this trend will yield significant advantages as growing numbers of U.S. government customers seek to standardize on RASP Secure Solutions."

The company's GSA schedule is a blanket, open-ended contract vehicle for the purchase of current and future Kasten Chase RASP Data Security products.

Mr. Davies concluded: "The receipt of these orders so shortly after receiving our initial GSA listing has occurred well ahead of our original expectations. This fact is extremely encouraging as we continue our sales drive to capture market share and expedite the growth of existing RASP secure networks."