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CommerceNet supports ebXML efforts of UN/CEFACT's eBTWG

Cupertino, CA  August 3, 2001  e-Business nonprofit organization CommerceNet has made an in-kind donation to the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) so that the U.N. group can continue its efforts to standardize the ebXML e-commerce standard.

ebXML is a suite of specifications that enables enterprises to conduct business over the Internet. CommerceNet's in-kind donation will provide administrative and logistical support to UN/CEFACT's eBusiness Transition Working Group (eBTWG), which is identifying specific work items necessary to complete the ebXML Business Process and Core components projects, including business processes, core components and architectures.

As a transitional working group, eBTWG, which was established in July 2001, will spearhead the ebXML initiative until the Electronic Business Working Group (eBWG) is established.

"We are delighted that CommerceNet has agreed to join our efforts in developing worldwide standards to further enable electronic commerce," said Ray Walker, chair of the UN/CEFACT Steering Group. "CommerceNet's support provides resources to continue our critical ebXML work."

"The CommerceNet Consortium has a long history of aiding the adoption of e-commerce standards," said Mark Resch, president and CEO of CommerceNet. "We are pleased to support UN/CEFACT and its vital work in this important area."

Klaus-Dieter Naujok, the newly appointed chair of the eBTWG, and chief scientific officer of IONA Technologies, said: "CommerceNet provides eBTWG with the opportunity to take ebXML work items to the next level. Organizations worldwide have committed to the ebXML initiative, and now UN/CEFACT can ensure that global standards for using XML to conduct electronic business will become reality."

Fred Sollish, program leader for CommerceNet's Evolving Supply Chain Initiatives, will manage the support team for eBTWG. Plans are underway to host three working forums during the upcoming months for individuals, groups and companies that want to contribute to the development of ebXML and eCommerce standards. The first forum will be held in California in mid-October, followed by a session tentatively scheduled in southern Europe in January 2002 and Asia in May 2002.

CommerceNet is a global not-for-profit organization of individuals from business, government, technology and academia who work together on the advancement of e-commerce worldwide. UN/CEFACT is the U.N. body whose mandate covers worldwide policy and technical development in the area of trade facilitation and electronic business.