Check, Double Check

RosettaNet Partners collaborate to ensure framework meets business requirements

Santa Ana, CA  September 4, 2001  RosettaNet, a company that deals in global e-business process standards, has officially completed validation of the second major release of its implementation framework core specification, which provides processes and message packaging requirements for supply chain partners to conduct e-business using RosettaNet standards. Validation of version 2.0 of the RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) gives companies the ability to migrate from RNIF 1.1 to 2.0, and prepares them for the future release of RosettaNet products and services designed to measure readiness and compliance with RosettaNet standards.

RosettaNet Partners that participated in the six-month RNIF 2.0 Validation Program include: IONA, Peregrine Systems, PTC, TIBCO Software, Viacore, Vitria and WebMethods. The Validation Program is RosettaNet's formal process for driving partner implementation of newly published standards to ensure the highest level of quality. Under the Validation Program, a group of RosettaNet Partners commit to implementing a standard upon publication. The partners run the standard in production-capable environments for a period of time, providing and reviewing feedback to enhance and ultimately validate the standard.

Partner participation in the standards development process is vital to the continued momentum of the RosettaNet consortium," said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet. "The RNIF 2.0 Validation Process is indicative of how the industry is collaborating in identifying key business issues and working together to overcome these critical business challenges."

Moving forward, all RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) and versions of the RNIF will be validated. Previously published standards may also be validated if rapid evolution of the respective PIP is required.

"Partners have worked diligently to validate RNIF 2.0," said Paul Tearnen, vice president of standards management at RosettaNet. "They have implemented the framework in real-world, e-business scenarios and these experiences, along with the combined insights and expertise of each company, have made the latest version of the framework even more robust and better specified."