It Only Sounds Like a Game Show

Supermarches Match opts for SeeBeyond

Redwood Shores, CA  September 17, 2001  SeeBeyond has been chosen by Supermarches Match to provide its real-time supply chain integration platform. Supermarches Match is a subsidiary of Cora, a supermarket group in Europe. SeeBeyond will integrate the company's systems with its supply chain partners and e-marketplaces.

Faced with increased competition, the retail industry is responding by streamlining its supply chain processes using techniques such as "Available To Promise" (ATP) and "Vendor-Managed Inventory" (VMI). The reduction in both the time and cost dimensions of the supply chain is being realized through the integration of the supply chain processes from the point-of-sales systems to the back office and then out to the supply and distribution chain partners. This takes the inefficiencies out of the supply chain and enables partners to do collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) in real time. This is critical to meet both customer demand and cost containment.

"There is a new bottom-line reality in all things 'e.' Our focus on supply chain and eCRM integration has resulted in tremendous success with the major European retailers, where we are working with them to transform and optimize their key supply chain processes," said Jean-Pierre Roux, vice president of Southern Europe for SeeBeyond. "For companies such as Supermarches Match, there is a clear and significant ROI in areas such as reduced inventory, reduced replenishment cycles and reduced transportation costs with parallel increases in customer service."